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1015 S. CROCKER ST. #R-22, Los Angeles, CA 90021
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We proudly provide the latest trendy arrivals currently inspiring the market. First, We hope that Our Customers enjoy our fashion items while you look around it.
AS Wholesaler located in The Heart of Downtown, Los Angeles, We mainly focus on Women’s Junior Line Clothing, and sometimes, combine with Young Contemporary Line. All of items are made in U.S.A. Our Concept of Styles is ultimately based on Sexy, Chic, and Hot Night Wear, as well as offering various choices ranging from Casual, Cute, Luxury, Modern, Basic, and Urban. We believe that essentially, high quality and great service will lead to long standing relationships with Our Customers.
Now then, enjoy shopping our Fashion Items!

New Arrivals – A3 Design

New Arrivals 04/11/2022 - 04/18/2022